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TikaTok by Mind Map: TikaTok

1. I'm specifically interested in the collaborate aspect of this tool. Can they work at home (each of them individually) to contribute to the books? (similar to what we're doing with mindmeister? -Dr. Fritz

1.1. There are several ways to incorporate collaboration into this tool. Students can work in groups to create a book with each person responsible for a different job (writing, illustrations, editing, etc). Another option would be to create a class book and have each student write a page or chapter. -K.Peloquin

2. Classroom Digital Publishing Studio

2.1. Allows students to create their own storybooks that can be shared digitally or printed

2.2. Completed books can be e-mailed to parents

3. Lesson Plan Ideas

3.1. Pre-made lesson plans incorporate TikaTok for project based learning with a variety of suggestions incorporating a specific theme

4. Ages

4.1. Designed to align with common core standards for grades K-6

4.1.1. Students can present their storybooks with the class to even include the standards for speaking as well as writing! -M.Curtis

5. Cost

5.1. 1 year subscriptions available with StorySpark templates and unlimited student accounts

5.1.1. Basic $19

5.1.2. Digital Plus $99 Includes unlimited digital eBook downloads

5.1.3. Premium $399 Includes unlimited digital eBook downloads 25 custom hard or soft cover books Free shipping for first 25 books

6. About

6.1. Students can create books based on a variety of topics using a blank book or a variety of different genres and themes

6.1.1. Writing prompts

6.1.2. Subjects Science ELA Social Studies

6.1.3. Project themes Personal narrative, poetry, letter writing, drama, journal, advice, career, reference, timeline, biography, and many more!

7. Classroom Enhancement

7.1. Students can use these books to reinforce learning or as assessments

7.2. Empowers students by allowing them to choose their own book style and customize it using different layouts, fonts, and styles

7.3. Tips pop up as students are working to help improve their writing

7.4. Bloom's Digital Taxonomy

7.4.1. Introduces high order thinking skills of creating, designing, publishing, and reviewing. I think it's great you mentioned this! Even if we were talking about Bloom's good old taxonomy of critical thought, forgetting the digital part for a second, there are so many high-level thinking skills involved in this! Getting our students to create is really one of our biggest goals. They have to know, comprehend, analyze, take apart and put back together to create something new! Creating books and publishing does all of that. It uses the imagination. But now students are also becoming tech-savvy and literate as well. -C Natter Thanks for sharing! I actually found this site several years ago when look for a new book for my children on my nook. I've been showing it to my daughter this week as I've been working on this and she asked if she can write a book to give to everyone for Christmas! -K.Peloquin

7.5. Students can share their projects in class or work in groups to write their books

8. URL: https://www.tikatok.com