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diversity by Mind Map: diversity

1. things

1.1. living things

1.1.1. plants grass balsam rain tree

1.1.2. animals duck whale butterfly

1.1.3. fungi, bacteria yeast toad paramecium

1.2. non-living things

1.2.1. once alive silk scarf tooth pick paper file

1.2.2. never alive car brick robot

2. characteristics for animal

2.1. need air ,food &water to surive

2.2. can grow

2.3. can respond to changes

2.4. can move from one place to another by themsleve

2.5. can reproduce

2.6. will die

3. characteristics for non-livingthings

3.1. do not need air ,food &water to surive

3.2. can't grow

3.3. can't respond to changes

3.4. can't move from one place to another by themsleve

3.5. can't reproduce

3.6. will not die