Risk assesment

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Risk assesment by Mind Map: Risk assesment

1. Oncoming Cars

1.1. Level of risk: Medium

1.2. Could obstruct cars from driving

1.3. Collision with oncoming car

1.4. This can be prevented by riding close to the pavement

2. Rain

2.1. Level of Risk : Medium

2.2. The rain could potentially damage the camera

2.3. Rain could stop the shoot from happening

2.4. This can be prevented by using and umbrella to stop the rain

3. Light Flicker

3.1. Level of risk: Low

3.2. Could potentially Blind someone if started directly into

3.3. Could affect anyone with ellipsis

3.4. If on for too catch on fire

3.5. This can be prevented by not having the light on for too long

4. Bikes

4.1. Level of risk: Low

4.2. Could potentially fall on bike and injury body

4.3. This can be prevented by riding safely