Administración estratégica de proyectos y procesos

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Administración estratégica de proyectos y procesos by Mind Map: Administración estratégica de proyectos y procesos

1. How to achieve process excellence?

1.1. Attributes

1.1.1. Continuously improve

1.1.2. enabled by experienced performers and right technology

1.2. Enablers

1.2.1. comfortable with changes

1.2.2. supportive leadership

1.3. Review, control and monitor the process once it has been implemented

1.3.1. re-design it according to data collected

2. Types of Processes

2.1. Core

2.1.1. Lo que los clientes pagarán por (La Regla de Oro)

2.2. Enabling

2.2.1. Lo que se necesita hacer, pero los clientes no pagarán por ello

2.3. Governing

2.3.1. Lo que mantiene a la empresa en conjunto

3. Process Owner

3.1. senior individual

3.1.1. accountability & authority for the performance of a process

3.2. more than a project manager

3.3. Never ending responsibility

4. Flavors of Process Improvement

4.1. Bottoms-Up

4.1.1. Uses Lean and Six Sigma

4.1.2. Focuses on sub-sub processes within existing boundaries

4.2. Process Redesign

4.2.1. Level 1 and Level 2 Focus

4.2.2. Cross-Functional

4.3. Business Process Redesign

4.3.1. Crosses many boundaries

4.3.2. Big and Bigger

5. Tyoes of Work

5.1. Value-Added (VA)

5.1.1. What customers will pay for

5.2. Non-Value-Added (NVA)

5.2.1. Work needed to support Value-Added work, but customers won't pay for

5.3. Waste (W)

5.3.1. Everything else, or, activities that do not add value at all

6. Definition of Process

6.1. End-to-End work across the enterprise

6.2. The iron triangle (Customer/results/processes)

6.3. All work is process work, every organization has processes