Web Awareness

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Web Awareness by Mind Map: Web Awareness

1. Internet Safety

1.1. Cyber Bullying

1.1.1. Anonymous Fake Profiles Impersonal

1.1.2. Intent to Harm Physical Side Effects Long-lasting

1.1.3. Instantaneous Instant Messaging "Always On"

1.2. Sexual Content

1.2.1. Sexting Not Always Private Snapchat

1.2.2. Impact Constantly Reminded Shapes Values

1.2.3. Sexualization Premature High-Risk Behaviour

1.3. Classroom Integration

1.3.1. Awareness Netiquette Ethical Behaviour

1.3.2. Privacy Settings Web Alias No Personal Info

1.3.3. Safety Restrictions Filtering Systems Browsing History

1.3.4. Supervise Open Space Address Issues

2. Copyright

2.1. Intellectual Property

2.1.1. Public Domain No Copyright Created Before Copyright Copyright Period Passed Free to Use

2.1.2. Fair Use Transformative Quoting Non-profit

2.1.3. Trademark Identify Violated Through Profit Registered

2.2. Copyright Implications

2.2.1. Plagiarism Copying & Pasting Disregarding Sources

2.2.2. Improper Citation Online Images No Credit to Author Seek Author Permission

2.3. Classroom Integration

2.3.1. Modelling Proper Documentation Ethical Use of Technology

2.3.2. Conversations Legal Implications "Real World" Application

3. Authenticity

3.1. Evaluation

3.1.1. Authority Qualified Author Reputable Sponsor

3.1.2. Accuracy Reliable & Error-Free Editor

3.1.3. Objectivity Unbiased No Advertising

3.2. Fact or Folly?

3.2.1. Fact Use Evaluative Strategies Can Be Verified

3.2.2. Folly Use Caution Harmful To Learning

3.3. Classroom Integration

3.3.1. Critical Perspective Evaluative Techniques Think Critically

3.3.2. Conversations Teach Facts First Fact vs. Folly

3.3.3. Sources Reliability Validity