How Businesses can use Web 2.0 Technologies

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How Businesses can use Web 2.0 Technologies by Mind Map: How Businesses can use Web 2.0 Technologies

1. Customer interaction

2. Web 2.0 technologies enable larger companies to market information to smaller companies with specific wants and needs, more effectively and efficiently.

3. Businesses can easily interact with their customers, suppliers and other people of the community through means of Web 2.0 Technologies

4. Enables businesses to collaborate in various fields such as work force, ideas etc and thus increases business efficiency

5. Improves the compatibility within the business environment as well as raising the productivity of their employees.

6. Improves competitiveness Raises productivity of employees Enables businesses to share information

7. Web 2.0 technologies foster simplicity and is thus easily accessible to the average person.

8. Enables businesses to create new services. Simplifies communication among value chain members. Enables businesses to solicit customer input.

9. Web 2.0 technologies connects the economy, the community and of course technology. Thus.. the possibilities are endless.

10. Blogs: businesses can create their own personalised blogs using information about the business in order to gain competitive advantage over their competitors as well as informing the public on upcoming events etc.

11. Wiki’s: visitors can modify, delete or add certain content to this file, as they wish. By using Web 2.0 technologies, businesses from around the globe finally have a way of connecting to one another and communicating ideas via a Wiki.

12. Abilities

13. Examples

13.1. RSS: (really simple syndication) ability to pull software to use later. Helpful tool in business environment.

13.2. Software mashups Widgets

13.3. Businesses can also create profiles in order to inform consumers, partners about what the business specialises in and other important information.

14. Connecting the universe

14.1. Enables extraordinary levels of interaction between customers, suppliers and partners.

15. Advantages

16. Easy to use and time effective