My family

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My family by Mind Map: My family

1. Carissa

1.1. sister

1.1.1. has down syndrome loves music senior in highschool

2. Abela

2.1. half sister

2.1.1. 3 years old loves mlp favorite color is pink

3. Corey

3.1. stepbrother

3.1.1. is a sports player travels for baseball favorite color is red

4. Justin

4.1. stepbrother

4.1.1. rapper has been on a local tour likes tech n9ne

5. Amy

5.1. stepsister

5.1.1. has a daughter single parent works

6. Angela

6.1. stepmom

7. Robert

7.1. father

7.1.1. sports fan loves the vikings and the wild works at group home

8. Nina

8.1. mother

8.2. likes tvd

8.2.1. favorite color is purple is a stay at home mom