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Got Bounce? by Mind Map: Got Bounce?

1. Adversity

1.1. A condition marked by misfortune

2. Resilience

2.1. The ability to return to its original form

3. Tips to build Resilience

3.1. Get together

3.1.1. All of your friends and family will help you Kociemba won't

3.2. Take care of yourself

3.2.1. Buy a truck Needs to be a Chevy or a Dodge

3.3. Cut yourself some slack

3.3.1. Nobody is perfect

3.4. Take control

3.4.1. You are in charge of yourself and your actions

3.5. Express yourself

3.5.1. Be yourself

3.6. Help somebody

3.6.1. If your friend needs to be resilient, support him

3.6.2. Moral support

3.7. Turn it off

3.7.1. If your phone is off, you can get more things done

3.8. Put things in perspective

3.8.1. Think positive

3.9. Create a hassle-free zone

3.9.1. Try to avoid distractions Avoid Kocembia

3.10. Stick to the program

3.10.1. Do not procrastinate, do what you are supposed to do, when you are supposed to do it

4. Taylor Opay, Thomas Jensen

5. When you need resilience

5.1. Bad grades

5.2. Lots of late work

5.3. Family problems

5.4. Getting Ebola

6. Situation A

6.1. A Resilient person would...

6.1.1. Retake the class again the next trimester or the next school year if he had to. With a teacher other than Kocembia

6.2. A NON Resilient person would...

6.2.1. Just give up on the class. He would not take it again and possibly fail high-school for not getting the credit. Way to go Kocembia