My Weekend

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My Weekend by Mind Map: My Weekend

1. Great-Grandmothers Memorial in St.Paul, MN

1.1. Was held in her living home at Elders Lodge

1.2. Only close family was there

1.3. I helped out a lot with helping the elders and cooking and serving food to everybody

1.4. Went really good and as planned

2. Went to Granite Falls, MN

2.1. I wen to my old home town i was living for two years

2.2. We held another memorial there to family members who couldn't come in st.paul

2.3. We had a cookout and played volleyball with my entire family

2.4. I got to see my boyfriend and cousins I haven't seen in a while

3. Family cook out and volleyball

3.1. My family & I played tournaments of volleyball

3.2. We had a dinner and cookout for everybody

3.3. Had a good time bonding with the family

3.4. Next weekend we will be doing it again

4. Got to see my boyfriend Ian

4.1. Saturday night I met him at the casino in granite falls

4.2. He met some people from my family

4.3. We hung out in our hotel room and enjoyed each others company

4.4. All we did is laugh and the next day it was hard to let him go and head home but I'm happy i will be seeing him again this coming weekend.