My Summer

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My Summer by Mind Map: My Summer

1. My Birthday

1.1. July 16th, 1996

1.2. Turned 18

1.3. Valley Fair

1.4. Movie in the park (Frozen)

2. Warped Tour '14

2.1. July 20th, 2014

2.2. Saw one of my favorite bands

2.3. Made the lead singer of Motionless In White (Chris Cerulli (Motionless) smile

2.4. Got my Warped Tour shirt signed by Attila, the lead singer and lead guitarist from Out Came The Wolves and Bowling For Soup

3. Driving

3.1. Got my permit

3.2. Passed permit test on first try

3.3. Studied for about 30 mins before the test

3.4. Can't back up or park to save my life

4. Life in Princeton

4.1. Moved from Coon Rapids to Milaca

4.2. Lives with my Grandma

4.3. Works as an Personal Assistant for my Aunt Helen for her Young Living Essential Oil Business

4.4. Had to put my dog down Wednesday, October 15th due to a seizure. (R.I.P Tankies)