Web Awareness

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Web Awareness by Mind Map: Web Awareness

1. Teaching Tools/Applications

1.1. Applications for Teachers

1.1.1. Technology Integration Safe Technology Use in Classrooms

1.1.2. Web Safety and Privacy Education School Computers Blocking Websites Student activities (posters, games, etc.) about web safety Teaching Safe Websites

1.1.3. Teacher Professionalism Emailing Parents or Staff with Professional School Email Making Social Media Private Not Adding Students or Parents Avoiding Inappropriate Photos Promoting Family Involvement Monitor Home Internet Use

2. Privacy/Security

2.1. Cyberbullying

2.1.1. Signs Perpetrators Increased Time Online Secrecy From Adults Victims Anxiety Loss of Online Interests Depression

2.1.2. Sexual Violation Sexual Harassment Theft of Sexual Propety Child Predators

2.2. Public Access to Private Information

2.2.1. Cookies/Viruses

2.2.2. Hacking/Leaking Private Property

2.2.3. Social Media

2.2.4. Insecure/Public Sharing Sites

3. Digital Citizenship

3.1. Following Property Laws

3.1.1. Avoiding Plagiarism

3.1.2. Copyright

3.1.3. Referencing Online Sources

3.2. Online Communication

3.2.1. Instant Messenger

3.2.2. Private Messaging (On Twitter or Facebook)

3.2.3. Forums Moodle

3.2.4. Email

3.2.5. Video (Skype)

4. Media

4.1. Advertising

4.1.1. Lack of Privacy Can Use Public Images From Social Media Google Images

4.1.2. Influence Body Image

4.2. News

4.2.1. Gossip

4.2.2. Rumours

4.3. Phising

4.4. Scams