Mary Mary By: James Patterson

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Mary Mary By: James Patterson by Mind Map: Mary Mary By: James Patterson

1. Mary Mary starts off in the eyes of "The Storyteller". The storyteller is a mere psycho, all alone in the world with nothing but himself...OH and a gun!

1.1. The sinister creep begins killing after his first murder in a movie theater in New York. He talks about how exciting and nerve-wrecking it is before you do it, but makes it feel natural afterwards.

1.2. The Storyteller takes the alias "Mary Smith" when he makes his debut in California by killing celebrity Antonia Schifman

1.2.1. "Mary Smith writes gruesome emails to an editor of a magazine , Arnold Griner, and this begins the attention from the public and detective Agent Cross.

2. In Alex Cross' life, he struggles with finding a balance between working full time and keeping his family close. IN the novel, Cross' ex wife and baby mother Christine stirs up a custody trial for Ali, Christine and Alex's son.

2.1. Christine has evidence of Alex Cross "putting the children in harm's way" including evidence of his home being evacuated because of death threats. Alex is also having trouble in keeping the case out of public eye from being followed by paparazzi, James Truscott.

3. Alex is called from his Disneyland vacation to Beverly Hills o investigate Antonia Schifman's death. She was shot in the head and her face was slashed repeatedly until she was unrecognizable.

3.1. Arnold Griner receives a new email in which Mary Smith speaks on some pretty weird topics, like the actress' mothering skills. The killer also goes in depth with the details on how she murdered the actress. It shakes the case up a little, in deciding what Mary Smith's motive was.

4. A few days later, Marti Lowenstein-Bell was found face down in her pool in the same condition as Antonia, with a gunshot wound in the head and a face slashed in. Mary Smith left behind some child- like stickers that were recognized in the first murder, labeled A, A and B. Puzzled, Alex Cross uses it as evidence.

4.1. The next person Mary Smith kills would kill was a friend, or mistress if you will, Tracey Willett. He was losing his mind and needed someone to talk to, but realized soon that she wasn't the person he needed. After arguing a little he chased her down, gained her trust back and shot her in the throat.

5. Arnold Griner receives yet another chilling email about his recent killing of Suzie Cartoulis, news anchor. Suzie and her "former-beach-volleyball-champ lover" were both found slain in their hotel room, along with a young housekeeper by the name of Mariah Alexander.

5.1. Alex again finds the juvenile stickers outside of the door with the labels A, A and B. He begins to look at the crime scene and notice some particular things. Such as the way the couple was positioned on the bed. It's obvious they were having intercourse but the bed was made up and their bodies lay on top, covered.

5.1.1. The couple's bodies were laying next to each other with a sheet laid over them, as if the killer was trying to be respectful. The bed they lay on, was mad up so neatly, and tightly, Alex assumed that the murderer worked in a hotel.

6. A witness came to step up and tell Agent Cross about what she claimed to have seen late that night, around the time of the couple's death. The witness said she saw a blue Suburban quickly leaving the parking lot, as if they were fleeing the scene. This gave a large lead as to who the suspect they were looking for was.

6.1. Alex began a city wide search for women named Mary who owned a blue Suburban and found Mary Constantine, or Mary Wagner. After spying on her home he found out that she worked for a hotel not too far from her home, and that she fit the witnesses description. She was taken in and questioned and after some answers, Cross discovered that she was still thinking that her three kids that she killed, was still alive. Thus meaning she had psychological problems. The first letters of her children's names were A, A, and B, just as the stickers being left at the crime scene.

7. Alex Cross goes to do more research on Mary Constantine and runs into a women's forensic ward visitor's log and recognizes a name that showed up quite frequently....

7.1. Cross makes a few calls to get Michael Bell arrested, Marti Lowenstein-Bell's Husband. Cross thinks back at his interview with Michael and doesn't recall any weird behavior from Michael but sees some cross references between the victims and himself.

7.1.1. It all lead up to jealousy:-His wife was becoming more popular than him, Arnold Griner called him "Michael Bomb" in one of his articles, Antonia Schifman backed out of a project being financed by Michael Bell himself. Michael Bell looked up Mary Constantine, got her story, and used her as a cover up to kill the ones that made him the most angry.

8. After confronting Michael Bell, Alex finds himself being taken hostage by Bell and almost faces death. But the brave Cross fights his way out of the hold from Bell and end his life with only so much as a bullet through his arm. Fin!

9. MindMeister Created by: Ta'yanna Harvey