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Transcon 3D DecoClub by Mind Map: Transcon 3D DecoClub
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Transcon 3D DecoClub

2 sites

FR Decormag

EN Style at home

Hybrid CAA et DecoClub

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Vote others

Viral referals, see my room et rate via Facebook

Start Xmass Living room decorated

Living room normal






Home Office room

Dining room

PLay room

Check vote security

Loi des loteries

Profesisnal contest spammer

Multiple accounts

or Voting panel

Screen shots / video flash for sales Media Kit


Major sponsor the HOUSE

PLan de maison

Medium Sponsor

Customs frame Home depot

Product sponsor

Catagu of their products

Exclusivity for products verticals


via Digital group

deal via Michael Viatri (under DS Forest)

Media Kit creation

CPM er Std IAB on 3D Platform

Flat per sponsor fee per Month/room, Major Spons, HOuse 3D, Model, Medium, Brand frame, 25000

tbc bill by item ( 5 10 15), Prod Sponsor, top 10 products, 15000


Decormarg 150000 U.V

Style at Home 200000 U.V

Launch date Novembre 2010



Rev Share Model

Cost Share model, Catalogue digitalazing process, Photos, use existing, if 2000 prodtcs Que passa?

Media kit demo

Transcon sales Sales demo and presentation

Building the platform

Selling Ad via Transcon

v1 Testing

Live Septembre 2010

client product placememnt approvals