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My boyfriend came home from the war. After dinner they left us alone. by Mind Map: My boyfriend came home from the war. After dinner they left us alone.
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My boyfriend came home from the war. After dinner they left us alone.

From: One ofthe first works of Internet Art created in 1996 by Olia Lialina. 

war2.htm:two images: trof.gif + window.gif

wara.htm : images: window.gif + trof.gif

wara: image: fml1.gif

two frames, two links, where are you [and] I can't see you. [both links go to same frame], FORGET IT, 2 frames 3/4 - 1/4 split, image: him3.jpg, image: him3 reversed, two frames, WHAT COULD YOU DO?, Please, look at me, two frames, My mother told me that you could change, WHAT TIME?, you want me?, CAN anybody kill you?, All guys change don't worry. I'll help you, black, Haven't you see tigers there?, clock, clock2, clock3, what?, black, WHERE IT WAS?, they never saw the snow It So old stupid story (link) Everyone wants to come bacl, two frames, I keep your photo here, image: trav1.jpg, image: trav.jpg, image: trav2.jpg, black, image: exp1.jpg, black, you don't trust me, i see, But... it was only once... Last summer... And if you think Why I should explain?... Don't you see?, two frames, NO NEVER, don't kill, him, them, two black frames, he was my neighbor, forgive, two frames, ME, black, black, fml1, 2 frames, So, last time we met when... And you promised, Me too. DO YOU, 4 frames, LIKE, Who asks you?, nobody here can love, or understand me, black, MY, TOGETHER FOREVER, BLACK, NEW, We'll start a new life, May be you look at me?, black, DRESS, image: 20th Century fox, black, LOOK!!!, SALUTE, In honour of you, 4 frames, LOOK, its so beautiful, KISS ME, black, RED GREEN [link] BLUE, will you marry me, TO- MORROW, No, better next month after holidays and the weather must be better. Yes next month. I'm happy now, black, white, OLIA LIALINA, 1996 [link] (MBCBFTW [link] museum), black