Web Awareness

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Web Awareness by Mind Map: Web Awareness

1. Digital Citizenship and Netiquette

1.1. Respect

1.1.1. Respect yourself

1.1.2. Respect others

1.1.3. Respect intellectual property

1.2. Aware of online presence

1.3. Treat people the same as you would in person

1.4. Keep communication clear

1.4.1. Don't use abbreviations in formal communication

1.4.2. Don't write in all caps

1.4.3. Difficult to discern humour online

1.5. Permission before posting about others

2. Internet Safety

2.1. Cyberbullying

2.1.1. Awareness How it affects others Posting online is permanent

2.1.2. Prevention Posts online no different from in person Consequences of cyberbulling

2.2. Sexually explicit material

2.2.1. Content filtering

2.2.2. Effective search techniques

2.3. Privacy

2.3.1. Not posting personal information

2.3.2. Not engaging in conversations with strangers

3. Authenticity of Web Resources

3.1. Determine if resources are authentic/inauthentic

3.1.1. Checking for the author

3.1.2. Who sponsored the information

3.1.3. Information reliable/error free

3.1.4. Bias free

4. Marketing

4.1. Target Kids online

4.1.1. Using Pscyhology

4.1.2. Pester Power Advertisement not directed at parents

4.2. Brand name loyalty

4.2.1. Fast food

4.2.2. Toys

4.2.3. Clothing

5. Copyright

5.1. Piracy

5.1.1. Music, videos, ect.

5.1.2. Know laws and consequences

5.2. Plagarism

5.2.1. Copy and paste

5.2.2. Need to know how to reference

5.2.3. Know laws and consequences

5.2.4. intellectual property