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Browsers by Mind Map: Browsers

1. A browser is a software application on your computer that is used for presenting, retrieving, and traversing information and resources on the World Wide Web.

2. Firefox

2.1. Pros: Good security Lots of Add-ons

2.2. Cons: Can run slow if there are too many add ons Only has 24% of market

3. Opera

3.1. Pros: High DOM selection speed Fast Start up

3.2. Cons: Has slower load time Has problems with Javascript

4. Explorer

4.1. Pros: All computers have it Has 60% of the market

4.2. Cons: Terrible load time Constant errors

5. Chrome

5.1. Pros: Most secure browser Meant to work with google

5.2. Cons: Is not compatible with all websites Start up time is a little slow

6. Safari

6.1. Pros: Great with Javascript Fast load time

6.2. Cons: Bad memory usage Not many "frills"

7. Links:,2558-10.html

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