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Designing a Distance Learning Course by Mind Map: Designing a Distance Learning Course
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Designing a Distance Learning Course

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Technical requirements

Browser tune up


Syllabus will be developed at the end; after all modules have been developed, and will function as a: Contract Calendar, and Map      

Syllabus quiz

This will be an actual quiz about the syllabus content; not just one question user agreement type. Participants must score 100% before they can see the course content.

Course description

Description and outline

This part could be placed in the homepage header. A brief description of the course, goal(s), structure, and setting (i.e. synchronous, asynchronous, F2F version if available, etc.) The entry level knowledge required to succeed in this course An explanation of what constitutes successful completion of the course; satisfactory performance.

Welcome video

Will include a description of the course as well as a walkthrough with screen shots to introduce the participants to different parts, components and resources in the course This video will function as an orientation at the same time              

Course Content

1. Introduction

2. Planning your Online Course

3. Content presentation

4. Learning Activities

5. Incorporating Multimedia

6. Online Assessment

7. Preparing the students for your online course

8. Managing your online course

Communication Center

General Discussions

WIMBA room for synchronous sessions

WIMBA room for virtual office hours

Mid course survey

Final survey


How did we do that

Sorted links

Interactive Glossary