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Macromolecules by Mind Map: Macromolecules

1. Lipids

1.1. Fatty Acids are monomers of lipids.

1.2. Homeotasis

1.3. Glycogen is in lipids because glycogen is a form of sugar that is stored and is released when the body is not getting enough glucose.

2. Carbohydrates

2.1. Glucose is a monomer of carbohydrates.

2.2. Starches are in Carbohydrates because it is a source of energy used mainly by plants. They are also the most common form of carbohydrates.

3. Proteins

3.1. Amino Acids are monomers of proteins.

4. Nucleic Acids

4.1. Nucleotides is a monomer of DNA.

4.2. DNA

4.2.1. Glycerol Backbone is a part of DNA because it is a part of DNA by being part of the swirling ladder shape of DNA.

4.2.2. Nitrogenous Base made part of DNA with its four parts. Adenine is a part of the nitrogenous base. Cytosine is a part of DNA that classified into the nitrogenous group. Guanine is the part of DNA and always will connect with Cytosine. Thymine is a part of DNA and also make up it. It always will connect to Adenine.

4.2.3. Phosphate group Deoxyribose is a part of the phosphate group because it is a type of sugar.

4.3. RNA

4.3.1. Ribose is found in RNA and it is not found in DNA

4.3.2. Uracil is a part of RNA because it is only found in RNA but not DNA.