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Browsers by Mind Map: Browsers

1. Explorer


2. Its massive market share means web developers have to take compatibility with IE into account when creating any website. Microsoft’s Mac version was discontinued several years ago, so IE is now made only for Windows. Like Chrome, the latest version of IE runs each tab as a separate process to boost stability and security and also features a secure mode for “private browsing”.

3. Safari

3.1. Safari incorporates the look and feel of Mac OS X with the Cover Flow feature that lets you flip through pages of your browsing history and bookmarks and also includes tabbed browsing, page previews and private browsing.


3.2. con

4. Chrome

4.1. Like Safari, Chrome uses the open source WebKit rendering engine originally developed as KHTML under Linux and later adopted by Apple. It borrows ideas from other open source projects and even from Firefox in a bid to bring the best features together in one browser. As of early December 2009 it also comes in beta versions for Linux and Mac.


4.2. Google has also opened Chrome to developers to create third-party extensions.

4.3. New node

5. Opera

5.1. Selected for its proven performance on STBs and connected TVs, Opera Devices SDK sticks to Web standards to ensure compliance. PeerTV will take advantage of innovative Opera features, such as widgets, to foster new services and content in their offering. With a promise of “unlimited content” to their customers, PeerTV is taking full advantage of Opera’s powerful SDK, utilizing each and every feature to bring high performance and innovation to their STBs.


5.2. con

6. Firefox

6.1. Offers a high level of customisability due to third-party support for its extensible architecture, which lets you install add-on programs to give the browser extra capabilities. This helps keep Firefox relatively lean, but allows individual users to add specific features that they like.


6.2. Mozilla claims Firefox 3.5 is more than twice as fast as Firefox 3, and 10 times as fast as Firefox 2, but our testing shows it still lags behind Chrome, Safari and Opera.

7. Define: Browser

7.1. used to access the World Wide Web