What do you want to achieve?

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What do you want to achieve? by Mind Map: What do you want to achieve?

1. Cost-effective promotion - career

2. Create more social media tools

3. Internal use - collaboration

4. Privacy

5. Connect

5.1. Reach an audience we normally wouldn't be able to via other channels

5.2. Engage a specific community

5.3. Reaching 45-65-yr-olds, knowing which tools/vehicles to use

5.4. Engage with students

5.5. Member engagement

5.6. Return to blog-reading, make more connections

5.7. Member engagement

5.8. Make connections with other people, businesses

6. Explore

6.1. What do I not know yet?

6.2. Learning and exploration

6.3. Understanding the medium

7. Communicate

7.1. Increase awareness

7.2. Strengthen the brand

7.3. List-building, database-growing

7.4. Lead generation, traffic

7.5. Increase traffic, lead generation

8. Market

8.1. Make money

8.2. Market more cost-effectively

8.3. Sales (while controlling risks)

9. Lead

9.1. Know which tool, when - strategically

9.2. Which tool and why?

9.3. Measure success i.e. engagement, ROI

9.4. Measure impact