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What do you want to achieve? by Mind Map: What do you want to achieve?
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What do you want to achieve?

Cost-effective promotion - career

Create more social media tools

Internal use - collaboration



Reach an audience we normally wouldn't be able to via other channels

Engage a specific community

Reaching 45-65-yr-olds, knowing which tools/vehicles to use

Engage with students

Member engagement

Return to blog-reading, make more connections

Member engagement

Make connections with other people, businesses


What do I not know yet?

Learning and exploration

Understanding the medium


Increase awareness

Strengthen the brand

List-building, database-growing

Lead generation, traffic

Increase traffic, lead generation


Make money

Market more cost-effectively

Sales (while controlling risks)


Know which tool, when - strategically

Which tool and why?

Measure success i.e. engagement, ROI

Measure impact