Nutrition and Learning

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Nutrition and Learning by Mind Map: Nutrition and Learning

1. Carbohydrates

1.1. breads

1.2. Carbohydrates is where energy comes for the students in order for them to succeed.

1.3. rice

2. benefits of proper nutrition

2.1. Live a happy Life

2.2. Better Grades

2.3. Prevent Illness and disease

3. education for children

3.1. improve performance in school

3.2. Educate children on the importance of good nutrition

3.3. knowledge is power

4. Proteins

4.1. Eggs

4.2. the importance of protein is to help create strong bones and growing muscles.

4.3. milk

5. The process of nourishing your body

6. What Does the Brain need to function.

6.1. Water

6.2. Vitamins

6.3. Minerals

6.4. Protein

6.5. Complex Fats

6.6. Carbohydrates