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New & Future : Portable Devices by Mind Map: New & Future :
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New & Future : Portable Devices



Windows OS, Lightining, Handset style, Portrait slider phone, 4.18 in, WVGA-Multi touch screen, Hardware, 512 GB RAM, 1GHz flash ROM, 1 GHz Snapdragon Processor, 8 GB Micro SD card, Software, Windows mobile 7, Multi Media/ Entertainment, Zune, XBox Live, FM Radio, 5 pixel Mega camera, Browsing, Siverlite, Flash, Flash Video, Accelerometer, GPS, Available Oct 2010, Upgrade to LTE in 2011, Service, Compatibility, AT&T, T-Mobile, 3G Network, Quad band, GSM

Android OS, Thunder, Handset style, WVGA OLED Display, Touch screen, Hardware, 1 GHtz Snapdragon Processor, Software, Android 2.1, Dell stage user interface, Market, Consumers who want to connects seamlessly with their social network, Affluent professionals, creative explorers, Multi Media/ Entertainment, Image Editing Software, Flash 10.1, Flash, Handset style, Sleek/made from curved glass, 2.5 in display, Hardware, 812 MB Qualcom Processor, 512 Mb RAM, Software, Google Android 2.2, Multi media/ Entertainment, Camera, LED flash, 5 mega pixel, Auto focus



Symbian OS, N8/ Nuron, Handset style, Touchscreen, Hardware, 430MHz processor, Software, Symbian 3 (non-US), Multi media / Entertainment, 2 megapixel camera, Face Detection, HD Video, 720p, HDMI, Dolby Digital+ Surround sound, On device editing, Browsing, 11N WiFi, Flash, web TV, camera, 12mp photos, 360X640 pixel, 28mm wide angle optics, gaming, 3D graphic capability, Music, 48G, 2days of playback, web Tv incluced, social networking, OVi Navigation, Service, T-Mobile, Available fall 2010



Web OS, Palm Pre +, Handset style, Touchscreen, On screen keypad, Slide out QWERTY keypad, 320x480 resolution, Auto rotation, Software, WEB OS 1.4, Hardware, Battery, Wireless induction technology, Li-Ion, 1150mAh, 600mhz cpu, 16 GB memory, 512 MB RAM, Multimedia/ Entertainment, Flash download, Video, Editing, Recording, Document Viewer, Camera, 3 megapixels, PDA, Music player, Service, Sprint, Verizon, AT&T



iPhone OS, iPhone 4G, Future concepts, Handset, Touchscreen pad, Squared off, LCD, Software, iPhone OS/ x 2.0, iPhone OS 4, Hardware, micro Sim card, Multi media/ Entertainment, Application Store, New node, Visual voicemail, iPod, Rotation sensor, Browsing, iMap, WiFi, Camera, Photo resizing, 5 mega pixel, Front camera, Rear camera, Flash, Gaming, 3D mode, Top and bottom microphones, 960x649 screen resolution, Service, AT&T, HSDPA, Verizon, CDMA



Blackberry OS, Pearl 3G, Handset style, Smallest of the blackberry family, Not a flip phone, Keypad, 2models, 9105: 14 key Alpha numeric, 9100: Qwerty 20 key, Track pad /No ball, 2.4 inch lcd display, screen resolution of 360x400, Hardware, Battery, 1150 mAH battery, 512 MB Flash memory, microSD up to 32 GB, WiFi b/g, 802.11, Software, Blackberry OS 5.0, Microsoft Office Edit, Multi media/ Entertainment, Application store, Camera, 3.2 Megapixel, auto focus, Flash, Service, Sprint, Verizon, Coming soon blackberry OS 6.0