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Who am I by Mind Map: Who am I
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Who am I


Prefer to try things myself rather than be shown

never read instructions

Play soccer and pool

poor balance


dont like being alone

No real goals. Not sure what to do

bad at making choices

Cant sit still when im on my own


Love animals

Hate camping, hiking and rain!

Cities rather than countryside


Im learning Mandarin and German

Wie gehts? Ich habe ein freundin. Sie wohnt in Manheim. Wir schreiben auf deutsch und english.

love writing poetry



cant sing!

My Mom tells me I have a great voice but when I have my iPod headphones in and sing out loud- which is often.... My friends tell me the truth!


Love sudoku

Love puzzles

I find it hard to give up once I start a puzzle even when it drives me mad. Computer games sometimes frustrate me as they are not always logical and i hate to be defeated when i can't work out next steps.

Maths is cool. It makes sense

Visual / Spatial


Daydreaming and doodling


Want to be a graphic designer


get bored on my own

love having friends around

always texting!

see...i'm even doing it now!

tend to fall out with mates quite a bit