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Indo-Finnish-Thai Workshop by Mind Map: Indo-Finnish-Thai Workshop

1. Natural Disasters

1.1. Fast

1.1.1. Thunderstorm

1.1.2. Tsunami A modified wave tank where the bottom would be shaped (very shallow in the other end) in order to create the high wave.

1.1.3. Volcanic eruptions

1.1.4. Hurricane/Tornado Here the ready-made tornado simulator with camera might be good.

1.1.5. Solar storms

1.1.6. Storms Wind tunnel

1.1.7. Earthquake A hand-geared earthquake to move the surface on which the visitor has built a structure - building, bridge. The surface could consist of many wooden blocks that move both sideways and vertically, but not too much. continental collision of the plates. Speed of plates (~40-50 mm/yr.)

1.1.8. Wildfires An immersive wildfide experience with projectors, heat, sound, smoke and smell

1.1.9. Avalanches Avalanche experience with stryrofoam bubbles Avalanche Airbag Pack

1.2. Slow

1.2.1. Climate change Desertification Sea level rise simulator

1.2.2. Ice age Erosion of the land

1.2.3. Land slide

1.2.4. Glaciers

1.3. Familiar vs. exotic natural phenomena

1.3.1. Excitement / fear Stories of people whose lives have been affected by a natural disaster

1.3.2. Exotic Liminic eruption Menthos in cola bottle Flash floods Great Flash flood simulator in California Science Centre, LA

1.4. Consequences

1.4.1. Casualties Emergency corpse disposal to avoid epidemics Burning Burying

1.4.2. Damage Emergency aid Water purifier systems Mobile emergency power generators Emergency medical supplies Mobile emergency units, f.ex. Red Cross Rebuilding infrastructure Cultural differences Food aid Baby food cans in Africa

1.5. in entertainment

1.5.1. Games

1.5.2. Movies

1.5.3. Tourism Pompeii Chelyabinsk Meteor Cornish village of Boscastle Hurricane Katrinas New Orleans

1.6. Natural Hazard

1.6.1. Vulnerability Natural disaster f.ex. 1906 San Fransisco earthquake Economy Infrastructure People

1.6.2. f.ex. earthquake in uninhabited area

1.6.3. Natural hazards may cause natural disasters Earthquake (hazard) Tsunami (disaster) Drought (hazard) Famine (disaster) Heavy rain (hazard) Landslide (disaster)

1.7. Health

1.7.1. Epidemics Ebola

1.7.2. Famines

2. Electricity

2.1. Historical experiments

2.1.1. Magnetism

2.1.2. Play with a bar magnet and coils to learn about Faraday's law. Move a bar magnet near one or two coils to make a light bulb glow.

2.2. Products

2.2.1. Electric Vehicles

2.2.2. Re-engineer your home appliance

2.2.3. Top ten exploded home appliances

2.3. Electricity in daily life

2.3.1. Day without electricity A game in which you need to manage a day/week/month without electricity

2.3.2. Life without electricity

2.3.3. Energy use in everyday appliances

2.3.4. Ways of creating electricity in desolate places and ways of replacing need of electricity Best inventions with the personal story of inventor

2.4. Consumption

2.4.1. Consumer choices Energy saving technology

2.4.2. World energy consumption

2.4.3. Finnish energy consumption

2.4.4. Industry

2.5. Technology

2.5.1. Indian Mars mission

2.5.2. Green technology Renewable energy Solar Loan Program

2.6. Production

2.6.1. Energy production potential - Global/Domestic Small world with different resources shown, play and build energy production, electrical grid and people&traffic&industry who/which use it. You can see dynamically the pros/cons of the infrastructure you have built

2.6.2. Disturbances

2.6.3. Solar Demonstration showing the evolution of efficiency

2.6.4. Nuclear

2.6.5. Water Pico Hydro types of hydroelectric facilities Small scale hydroelectric power station

2.6.6. Wind

2.6.7. Thermoelectric

2.6.8. Coal

2.6.9. Gas

2.6.10. Oil

2.6.11. Waves

2.6.12. Tide

2.7. Electrical grid

2.7.1. Small scale energy production

2.7.2. Large scale energy production

2.8. Electricity in nature

2.8.1. Neural phenomena

2.8.2. Animals Eels, Stingrays, Catfish, Death Worms? Navigational abilities

2.8.3. Lightning

2.8.4. Static electricity

2.8.5. Creating with potatoes, lime, etc.

2.9. Electric shock

2.9.1. Use in punishment

2.9.2. Safety concerns

2.9.3. Various games

2.9.4. Guns

2.9.5. Fences in prisons / for animals

2.9.6. Killing animals for food production

2.9.7. Torturing

2.10. Storage

2.10.1. Batteries Primary & Secondary

2.10.2. Transforming energy to pressure, heat

2.11. Use in therapy

2.11.1. Brain

2.11.2. Muscles Test different treatment currents/frequencies and learn what are the benefits

2.11.3. Neural

2.12. Detection

2.12.1. Metal detectors

2.12.2. Navigation

2.12.3. ECG, EEG

2.12.4. Sensors - way of transforming different phenomena to some kind of measurable voltage/current/charge

2.13. Variety of different voltages and currents: nature & human use

2.13.1. Gallery of (real and pictures) applications/phenomena put in a x-y coordinates voltage/current

2.14. Losses (transmission etc.)

2.14.1. Showing amount of losses in different applications (LED vs. incandecent lamp)

2.15. Use in arts

3. Small tricks/exhibits

3.1. Pickle lamp

3.2. Homopolar motor

3.3. Seebeck generator

3.4. Lenz law with magnet & copper tube/aluminium plate/hard disc