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iCollege Tutorials by Mind Map: iCollege Tutorials
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iCollege Tutorials


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Browser tune up

my iCollege page

Content manager

What's with all the tabs?

The BUILD tab top bar

Create a folder

Create a learning module

Add a file

Folder / File options icon

Adding web links

The BUILD tab layout (just a quick overview)


Adding content links

Adding a header and a footer

Power view

Using the Roster tool



The file manager

Web Dav connection

Manage course

Customize page layout



Assessments, Creating an assessment, Assessment properties, Creating questions, Adding questions & question sets, The question database, Importing questions with Respondus, Grading assessments, Assessment reports (stats)

Assignments, Creating assignments, Grading assignments

Grading forms

Discussions, Creating & grading threaded discussions, Creating and grading blog topics, Creating & grading journals

Third Party (Power-links)


Formatting questions (handout)

Importing questions

Adding questions

Editing questions, Power edit, Embedding HTML code, Embedding Media



Retrieval & Reports

Lock down browser

WIMBA Classroom

WIMBA Voice Tools



Manage Course > Settings

Group Manager

Advanced assessment

Embedding multimedia

Importing assessments from other sections

Importing publisher generated assessments

Media library


1- How to get there, How to get there, Sorting columns, column options, freeze / unfreeze

2- Reordering columns, reordering, hiding

3- Add columns, Alphanumeric, Numeric, Calculated, Letter Grade, selection list, Text, Grading form

4- Column Settings, Deleting / rename columns, Change column type, Alignment, Release / Unrelease, Editing decimal places, Other options

5- Edit grades, Edit column values, Edit members (students), view audit history

6- Managing members, Enrolling, Unenrolling, Grant / Deny access

7- Creating formulas, Total, Percentage, multiple formulas,,

8- Importing and exporting to spreadsheet

Selective release

Go over the different criteria No date criteria for assessments and vs. or for multiple criteria


What I will need

Fake iCollege IDs

A building section