My Ideal Utopia

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My Ideal Utopia by Mind Map: My Ideal Utopia

1. Government

1.1. Monarchy with Parliament

1.1.1. Example: Having a monarchy with a parliament will have traditions of having a king or queen while not having one person made decisions.

1.1.2. Analysis: This will make the people and king or queen more comfortable because several people are help making the decisions for the utopia.

1.2. Effects

1.2.1. Employee

1.2.2. Employee

1.3. Example: This would effect the economy because people would have decisions made by the Parliament.

1.4. Analysis: The economy would depend on the decisions made by the government.

2. Education System

2.1. Finland

2.1.1. Example: Having the Finnish education system will make teachers be highly educated before they are allowed to teach. The students will learn better because they are not having so many tests and stress worthy tasks or assignments.

2.1.2. Analysis: Students will be better educated, and they will have a greater chance of getting great jobs and opportunities in the future.

2.2. Effects

2.2.1. Example: This education system will effect the economy because the education of students will effect what jobs and tasks they can do when they are older.

2.2.2. Analysis: Students will have a higher success rate, and the economy will be stronger because of all of the educated people within the utopia.

3. Energy Source

3.1. Solar Energy

3.1.1. Example: Solar energy would be used to power all of the utopia, such as in cars.

3.1.2. Analysis: This would allow the utopia to have a renewable energy source powering their society.

3.2. Effects

3.2.1. Example: This will effect transportation because the cars used by people will run on solar energy.

3.2.2. Analysis: The people will not have to rely on gasoline to power their cars.

4. Economy

4.1. Mixed Economy

4.1.1. Example: A mixed economy will allow people to own businesses, but the government can help to make sure that every business is running smoothly.

4.1.2. Analysis: This can make sure monopolies are not forming with certain businesses within the utopia.

4.2. Effects

4.2.1. Example: This economy will effect the government because it will effect what decisions the government is responsible for making.

4.2.2. Analysis: It makes the government watch over what is happening in the businesses without taking total control of all of them.

5. Transportation

5.1. Land and Air Transportation

5.1.1. Example: Small cars and bicycles would be used by people to travel around.

5.1.2. Analysis: People will be able to rent or own cars and bicycles to ride or drive to make travel more efficient.

5.1.3. Example: Larger airplanes would be used to take masses of people and cargo different places around the world.

5.1.4. Analysis: People would get the chance to travel faster and easier, and the utopia will be allowed to trade with other places.

5.2. Effects

5.2.1. Example: The cars will be powered by solar energy so it will effect how power helps the utopia.

5.2.2. Analysis: Solar energy will be increased and used more so a renewable source, the sun, can power the cars instead of a nonrenewable source like gasoline.

5.2.3. Example: The airplanes will effect the economy because the airplanes have cargo the utopia wants to trade with other regions.

5.2.4. Analysis: This will make trading much faster and will make the utopia more money faster.