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Energy by Mind Map: Energy

1. Kinetic Energy

1.1. BD: Any moving object that depends on mass and speed.

1.2. Ex: A man walking. A car moving.

1.3. MD: An energy needing mass and speed.

2. Potential Energy

2.1. BD: Energy stored as a result of position and shape.

2.2. Ex: Plucking a cello string. A book falling to the floor.

2.3. MD: Energy when something moves.

3. Mechanical Energy

3.1. BD: Energy associated with the motion and position of everyday objects.

3.2. Ex: Sprinting athletes Speeding trains

3.3. MD: Motion and position of things.

4. Thermal Energy

4.1. BD: The total kinetic and potential energy related tot eh motion of all microscopic particles in an object.

4.2. Ex: Molten metal

4.3. MD: All kinetic and potential energy inn the particles of objects.

5. Chemical Energy

5.1. Ex: Cars & gasoline Fire & wood

5.2. MD: Chemical bonds are formed with chemical energy.

5.3. BD: Energy stored in chemical bonds.

6. Electrical Energy

6.1. BD: Energy associated with electrical objects.

6.2. Ex: Lightning Flashlights

6.3. MD: Energy with electricity.

7. Electromagnetic Energy

7.1. BD: A form of energy that travels through space in the form of waves.

7.2. Ex: Galaxies Stars

7.3. MD: Energy in waves through space.

8. Nuclear Energy

8.1. BD: Energy stored in an atom nuclei

8.2. Ex: Light from the sun.

8.3. MD: The energy in the nuclei of an atom.