Idioms - Parts of the Body

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Idioms - Parts of the Body by Mind Map: Idioms - Parts of the Body

1. Arm

1.1. Give one's Right Hand: To say that you would like it very much.

1.1.1. Eg. I would give my right arm to have the copies with me =(

1.2. Keep someone at arm's leght: To keep some at distance.

1.2.1. Eg. You can work with her but if I were you I'd Keep her at arm's leght

1.3. With open arms: Tos how someone that you are very pleased to see them

1.3.1. Eg. We'll recieve you with our open arms

2. Back

2.1. Behind Someone's back: to do something without a person's concern

2.1.1. Eg. As Samper said once: Everything was done behind my back.

2.2. See the Back of Something/ someone: It is when you won't see the person or the situation never again.

2.2.1. Eg. The hotel's staff was glad to see the back of a such difficult guest.

2.3. To put someone's Back up: To annoy someone

2.3.1. Eg. I cannot stand him, He puts my back up.

2.4. Put one's back into something: to make a great effort to do something.

2.4.1. Eg. I put my back into this semester but the diferent events in my life didn't help me a lot.

3. Blood

3.1. Put someone's blood up:

4. Bones