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Idioms regarding parts of teh body by Mind Map: Idioms regarding parts of teh body
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Idioms regarding parts of teh body

give one's right arm

to be willing to give something of great value for someone or something

I'd give my right arm for a nice cool drink

keep/hold someone at arm's lenght

to avoid becoming connected with someone or something

She doesn't talk much about it because she needs to hold these painful experiences at arm's length.

with open arms

with happiness or enthusiasm

I know I'm not going to be greeted with open arms.

behind somoone's back

to do something without letting them know about it

We've taught our kids that it's impolite to talk about people behind their backs

see the back of something/someone

to be pleased when someone leaves or when something ends because you did not like them

She was an absolute pain when she stayed with us and we were both really pleased to see the back of her

put someone's back up

to make someone get angry

Now, now, don't get your back up. I didn't mean any harm.

put one's back into something

Make a strenuous effort

If you put your back into that report, you'll soon be done.

get someone's blood up

to hate something

It gets my blood up to see how bad behaved those children are.

to be in someone's blood

to be inside, to be in the genes

She´s really good at dancing. It must be in her blood.

make no bones about something

to say clearly what you think or feel although you may embarrass or offend someone

She makes no bones about wanting John to leave.

to have a bone to pick with someone

something that you say when you want to talk to someone about something they have done that has annoyed you

I have a bone to pick with you. Did you eat that chocolate mousse I was saving for my tea?