Shooting schedule

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Shooting schedule by Mind Map: Shooting schedule

1. Band scenes

1.1. 14/11/14

1.1.1. Begin: 1pm - we want to film over the course of 2 hours, we will begin by setting up the band into a position were comfortable in, and then will begin to take shots of 8 miles high performing this song together. We plan to film them at least 8-10 times, from different angles and in different ways, focusing on each shot and how its going to look in the video. The first time we will video the band as a whole, so that we have a long shot of every aspect of the bands production, each shot were going to do will last around 4 minutes, we then will be allowing 4-6 minutes to move around the equipment, shots will be done focusing entirely on each member of the band, and after that we will move to taking other types of shots.

2. Venue

2.1. Quad studios - band scenes

2.2. Josh's house - boyfriend scenes

2.3. School area - break up and fight scenes

3. To-dos

3.1. call quad studios and book the rehearsal room.

3.2. Talk to the band and arrange everything for the shooting day

3.3. make sure all the characters have the correct costume for the narratives.

3.4. Get all of my props in place ready for filming on each day

4. Narratives

4.1. 3/11/14

4.2. This day is to film the narrative scenes, mostly those featuring the boyfriend and girlfriend, these scenes will take place in Josh's house, the boyfriend in our production. These scenes will all be shot inside and doesn't rely on the light, so we can film for as long as we want. at 5:30 we will begin filming, we want to originally shoot in the bedroom, showing josh lying on his bed playing his games, and work through all of the shots that show him on a bed, this may include some filler shots that we will use after the break up has taken place, however the main focus will be the beginning of the video, this should only take around 15-20 minutes, and in this time we will have filmed around 30 seconds of the video. Once we have done this at around 5:50 we will use 10 minutes to film his reactions to the text message saying he's had a break up, as well as filming any shots that show the texts appearing on the screen, which will be put on in post production. From 6 until 6:30 we will be filming the scenes in the den where Josh will perform the breakdown scene, the final stage in the stages of a break up that shows that its always going to affect him, these shots will need some good rehearsal and it will take time to stage it correctly, because of this we want to allow at least 15 extra minutes to work on the shots, and to end in the final 15 minutes we may take some shots of josh in different areas of his house that may come up in the video.