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Org Chart by Mind Map: Org Chart

1. energy

1.1. solar

1.1.1. can be attained year round

1.1.2. you don't have to worry that the sun might go away except at night

1.2. wind

1.2.1. in most places it is easy enough to attain

1.2.2. you only have to buy these kinds of energy sources once and then through not having to pay electric bills and things of that sort you pay it back.

2. education

2.1. finland

2.1.1. does not cram information into your mind like asian education system

2.1.2. very small classes so each student is individually catered to and they all receive breaks after every

3. goverment

3.1. democracy

3.1.1. every one has an equal say in what happens in their country

3.1.2. no one person can gain more political right than others

3.2. Content

3.2.1. Employee

3.2.2. Employee

4. economy

4.1. command

4.1.1. all currency is removed and their is no debt and what we need from other colonies we can obtain through trade for what they need in return from us

4.1.2. everyone has the same so their is no need to be envious of the rich because no matter your income you

5. transportation

5.1. ground/ bikes

5.1.1. easy to buy and repair bikes do not require much maintenance and they are easy to ride

5.1.2. since we use wind energy there is an abundance of wind that can be harmful to small and medium sized aircraft

5.2. water/ boats

5.2.1. water craft can carry the most weight out of any type of transportation so if we did have to export thingswe would be able to do so in large amounts

5.2.2. Employee