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1.1. Pick her brain

1.1.1. to talk with someone to find out information about something

1.2. Rack her brain

1.2.1. to try very hard to remember or think of something.

1.3. Brain drain

1.3.1. depletion or loss of intellectual and technical personnel

2. ARM

2.1. Give one`s right arm

2.1.1. When you want that thing so much that you would pay a lot to get it,

2.2. With open arms

2.2.1. with happiness or enthusiasm

2.3. Keep someone at arm`s legth

2.3.1. to avoid becoming connected with someone or something

3. EAR

3.1. Up to my ears

3.1.1. be extremely busy

3.2. Out of his ears

3.2.1. be forced to leave a place because something wrong has been done.

3.3. Play it by ear

3.3.1. play an instrument from memory


4.1. Get someone`s blood

4.1.1. Catch of the nerves, hate something

4.2. Get someone`s blood up

4.2.1. carry something in the blood


5.1. Make no bones about something

5.1.1. to say clearly what you think or feel although you may embarrass or offend someone

5.2. Have got a bone to pick with someone

5.2.1. a small disagreement with someone

5.3. feel (something) in one's bones

5.3.1. sense something, have an intuition about something Nuevo nodo

5.4. chilled to the bone

5.4.1. very cold.


6.1. Put one`s back into something

6.1.1. use great physical or mental energy to do something

6.2. Puts my back up

6.2.1. make someone become angry

6.3. behind one`s back

6.3.1. do something when one is absent or without one's knowledge, secretly


7.1. Get it off my chest

7.1.1. to tell someone about something that has been worrying you or making you feel guilty for a long time, in order to make you feel better

7.2. put hair on someone's chest

7.2.1. if you say that food or drink will put hair on someone's chest, you mean that the food will make them strong and healthy or that the drink is very alcoholic

7.3. keep/play your cards close to your chest

7.3.1. to not tell anyone what you plan to do


8.1. See eye to eye

8.1.1. agree.(something/someone)

8.2. Cry one`seyes out

8.2.1. cry a lot.

8.3. Be up to the eyes

8.3.1. be extremely busy.

8.4. catch someone's eye

8.4.1. attract someone's attention, make someone notice.


9.1. face the music

9.1.1. to receive punishment; to accept the unpleasant results of one's actions

9.2. Lose face

9.2.1. to do something which makes other people stop respecting you.

9.3. Be staring someone in the face

9.3.1. if a solution to a problem is staring you in the face, it is very obvious. f an unpleasant experience is staring you in the face, it is very likely to happen to you


10.1. Keep one`s fingers crossed

10.1.1. wish for luck

10.2. Put one`s fingeron something

10.2.1. be able to explain what is wrong or unusual about something.

10.3. Have got a finger in every pie

10.3.1. be involved in many activities.

11. HAIR

11.1. Let one`s hair down

11.1.1. to undo one's hair and let it fall freely to tell [someone] everything; to tell one's innermost feelings and secrets.

11.2. No turn a hair

11.2.1. to not show any emotion when you are told something bad or when something bad happens

11.3. Keep your hair on!

11.3.1. a slightly impolite way of telling someone who is angry to try to be calm and patient

12. FEET

12.1. Get back on one`s feet

12.1.1. able to move around after having been unable to walk tdue to sickness or injury

12.2. Fall on one`s feet

12.2.1. Overcome difficulties, be restored to a sound or stable condition

12.3. Get one's feet wet

12.3.1. to get a little first-time experience with something

13. FOOT

13.1. Put one`s food in it

13.1.1. do or say something foolish.

13.2. Get off on wrong foot

13.2.1. make a bad start.

13.3. to wait on someone hand and foot

13.3.1. serve somebody by attending to all his needs.

14. HAND

14.1. to be hand in glove with someone

14.1.1. be in close relationship with someone.

14.2. to be an old hand at something

14.2.1. be very experienced at something.

14.3. to live from hand to mouth

14.3.1. satisfy one one's present basic needs.

14.4. to show one's hand

14.4.1. let others know one's intentions.


15.1. have one's heart in one's mouth

15.1.1. to feel strongly emotional about someone or something

15.2. hold one's mouth the right way

15.2.1. do something very carefully under optimal conditions

15.3. keep your mouth shut

15.3.1. to keep something secret