How to benefit from web 2.0 technologies

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How to benefit from web 2.0 technologies by Mind Map: How to benefit from web 2.0 technologies

1. Video-sharing sites

1.1. Businesses can interact more effectively with users, and show products that will be released soon, and ask for feedback.

2. Wikis

3. Online blogs

3.1. Business can respnd quicker to customer demands.

3.2. React to recommendations for products.

3.3. Interact with customers and suppliers.

4. Social networking sites.

4.1. Low cost marketing

4.2. Large usage of these sites

4.2.1. When you are into Social Networking you are able to build a personal relationship with people and because of the one to one dealing you can get to know their needs and requirements better. You can help them out

4.3. Web 2.0 communities can be used for new product feedback, shortening the product development time and targeting valuable marketing resources.

4.4. Making web-based marketing the norm

4.4.1. Next-generation Web platforms can be highly efficient in overall procurement and sales strategies.