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Chapter 16 and 17 by Mind Map: Chapter 16 and 17
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Chapter 16 and 17

Electric Forces and Fields


Electricity and Magnetism, Introduction to Electricity and Magnetism, Electrostatics, Charges, Two types of electric charge, Positive, Negative, Simple charging procedures, Balloon with wool, Glass rod rubbed with silk, Plastic rod rubbed with fur, Properties of Charge, Fundamental Law of Charges, “Opposites attract; likes repel”, Charge has the symbol of q and unit [Coulomb = C], Conservation of charge, Charge is discrete or quantized, Types of electrical materials, Insulators, Conductors, Semiconductors, Charging, Charging by induction, “Charging by polarization”, Charging by conduction, “Grounding”, Electrostatic equalibrium, mobile charges are at rest in equalibruim, Electrodynamics, Magnetostatics, Magnetodynamics

Electric Field Lines

Magnitude and Direction

Point away from positives and toward negatives

5 basic field line distributions


Electric Potential

“Voltage”, Change in Potential Energy per unit charge

Scalar, Related to the energy of a configuration

Positives gain potential when moved opposite to the field Positives naturally go “downhill” in potential

Negatives lose potential when moved opposite to the field Negatives naturally go “uphill” in potential

Va de Graaff Generator

equipotential surface, has the same potential at every point on the surface

potential gradient, grade or slope

capacitor, a device that stores electric potential energy by storing seperated positive and negative charges

Conservation of charge

total amount of charge, universe never changes

Elementary Charge

proton and electron charge is same

build up charge

Polarization of charge

Charges seperate

Coulomb's Law

interaction with charged objects

equation- find electric force

2C in lighting strike


Energy Storage device

Parallel Plate Capacitor

Permittivity of Free Space


a pair of point charges with equal snd opposite charges that are near one another