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Okonkwo: Umuofia village's Well-Known Warrior. by Mind Map: Okonkwo: Umuofia village's Well-Known Warrior.
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Okonkwo: Umuofia village's Well-Known Warrior.

Chapter 1: Okonkwo main characteristics: tall, huge, bushy eye brows, wide nose gave him severe look.  Had no patience with unsuccessful men (including his father).  His fame rested on solid personal achievements. Hard-working, wealthy farmer, had married his 3rd wife, and had two barns full of yams.  He was respected.   Okonkwo's view of his father: unsuccessful/bad role model.  Okonkwo wanted to be the opposite of his father: Not lazy, not improvident, hard working, brave in wars, not nauseated by sight of blood, prosperous, rich, stern and not jolly, etc.   Okonkwo's pride: defeating Amalinze the Cat.   *** "Even as a little boy he had resented his father's failure and weakness, and even now he still remembered how he had suffered when a playmate had told him that his father was a agbala- a man who has no title/ therefore, a woman. - pg13   *** Okonkwo was ruled by one passion- to hate everything his father loved.- pg 13  

Amalinze the Cat

At the age of eighteen, he brought honor to his village by throwing Amalinze the Cat, defending champion (Wrestling) for seven years from village of Umuofia to Mbaino. *Called Cat because Amalinze's back would never touch the earth.  


Okonkwo's father: lazy, improvident, and a partying person. He was a debtor. When he had money, he called his neighbors and partied. However, he was very good at playing his flute as much as he loved drinking. He is a failure: He was made fun of because he was a loafer.   Also a coward who can't stand the sight of blood.


One of Unoka's debtor.   Very rich, and was going to take Idemili title: 3rd highest in the land.

Oracle of the Hills: Agbala


"Proverbs are the palm-oil with which words are eaten."   Proverbs are to be digested properly, which means that they should be taken with respect, and consideration.  In Ibo, the art of conversation is regarded highly.  Therefore, Proverbs are the oil (what you put before you cook)/basis of conversation.  Without proverbs/palm oil, words wouldn't be digested as well.   So just as food is important to the all, since it is the essence of life, words are important to the sophistication of life, the essence of life.


Why does Achebe introduce Ikemefuna as ill-fated?: This is because he is the doomed lad who is to be sacrificed to the village of Umuofia by their neighbors (Mbiano) to avoid war.  In another words, he is an offering/sacrifice, and is ill-fated because he will be killed in the near future.   Chapter 7: He acts as a role model to Nwoye, and makes Nwoye grow up to be Okonkwo's proud son.


Given to Ogbuefi Udo, to replace his murdered wife.

Ogbuefi Ezeugo

Powerful orator of the clan, chosen to speak on special occasions.


Man who had the highest but one title, which a man could take in the clan.  Nwakibie is one of the first people to lend a hand to Okonkwo, by giving him yam seeds to plant.

1st wife: Anasi

Elder son: Iqwelo


The man that was called a "woman" by Okonkwo.  Okonkwo later on apologizes.


1st wife

2nd wife: Ekwefi

Nearly shot by Okonkwo, when she maddened Okonkwo by murmuring about guns that never shot.

3rd wife: Ojiugo

The woman received a beating during the Week of Peace.


The priest of the earth goddess: Punishes Okonkwo for breaking the peace.  This peace was rarely broken.  1 or 2 in a century?

Week of Peace

1. No work was done. 2. People drank palm-wine. 3. Okonkwo's punishment: one she-goat, one hen, a length of cloth and a hundred cowries.

Earth Goddess: Ani


Identity is unknown.  Friend of Okwonkwo.

Maduka: Son

He used a tactic that no one saw before.  It was lightening fast, and stunned the crowd.

Father- Iweka


one of the oldest men in Umuofia.  He was a great+fearless warrior durring his time, and is respected in the clan.


Ogbuefi Ndulue

From Ire Village.  Oldest man in Ire.


Akuke's Mom

Akuke's suitor, Ibe



Uzowulu: Husband of Mgbafo


there are 9, representing the villages in Umofia.  1. Most prominent is the Evil Forest.

Otakagu from Imo

Ekwensu from Uli


leading equgwu of Umuofia.

Okonkwo's Mother

She's from the village of Mbanta.


THe younger brother of his mother, who took care of Okonkwo when he was young.

Name of Clans

Aninta, Umuazu, Ikeocha, Elumelu, Abame.   However, Abame is no longer a clan-- wiped out by colonization.

Mr. Kaiga

Missionary teacher in the village of Mbanta.

Mr. Brown

A white missionary man.

Oduche and Aneto

They fought over land: Aneto murdered Oduche.   Then, Aneto was hanged by the white men.


One of the greatest men in the village.


The supreme God of Ibo.

Reverend James Smith

Successor of Mr. Brown.  Disproved Mr. Brown's policy of compromise and accommodation.


The interpreter of Reverend James Smith.


Son of the snake-priest.  His faith in christianity is very big.


A singer who changed the fighting spirit of men: into lions!


An Umuofia warrior.


The person who has the power of speech to turn people womanish, and disagree about having a war.


One of the six leaders of the clan Umuofia, who is a warrior and an orator.

Head messenger

the prisoners barber.  He is later on killed by Okonkwo.

Direct Commissioner

Ignorant white man, who does not understand Nigeria, but thinks he does.