How a business can use web 2.0 technology to their advantage?

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How a business can use web 2.0 technology to their advantage? by Mind Map: How a business can use web 2.0 technology to their advantage?

1. Social networks

1.1. Examples:

1.1.1. Youtube

1.1.2. My Space etc.Axe deodrant is promote here

1.1.3. Facebook Social search Semanti Photo printing Hotprints

1.1.4. Twitter Brizzly works with twiiter as well as facebook. Makes browsing and udating easier

1.1.5. Moombo list items list wanted jobs and ads Uploaded videos to YouTube list services

1.1.6. Wikis Data can be stored Provides forums Collaborative files with QEDWiki

1.2. Creating a community

1.3. Helps venture to reach a younger target market.

1.4. Managers users content

2. What is web 2.0 technology?

2.1. Helps people to communicate easily.

2.2. Spreads information

2.3. Stores data

3. Examples

3.1. Bing

3.2. Yahoo

3.3. MSN

4. Blogs

4.1. Develop a brand image.

4.2. Promote a product

4.3. Online journals

4.4. To established a informal relationship with clients.

4.5. Venture can test new ideas

4.6. Inexpensive

4.7. Promote your blog on Redanyway because:

4.7.1. Works everywhere

4.7.2. Autopost to facebook and twitter

4.7.3. Make announcements to your followers

4.7.4. Track the blogs you follow

4.8. Data can be stored.

5. Intelligent press releases

5.1. Direct-to-custormer press releases

5.1.1. etc. Windows Internet Explorer 7.0

6. Targeted advertising

6.1. A morgage venture ads might appear in articles about real estate or home improvements.

6.2. This can target cusumers in a geograpical area

6.3. etc.

6.3.1. AdValiant

6.3.2. Touch Clarity

6.3.3. Pulse 360

7. Yoolink

7.1. Can be used to find and search for previous information used. On:

7.1.1. e-mail

7.1.2. Twitter

7.1.3. Facebook

8. Comparising:

8.1. To tradional methods

8.1.1. Web 2.0 is more Flexible Affordable

9. Regular udates of content and concepts is required by:

9.1. Social networking

9.2. Advertising

9.3. Blogs

10. Control the presentation of data on your webpage via:

10.1. CSS

10.2. HTML( or XHTML)

11. XMLHTTP Requests objects gives the business the abillity to:

11.1. Make a webpage

11.2. Exchange data asynchnonously with the webserver.

11.2.1. Data is stored on the web service in place of a computer server.

11.3. XML

11.3.1. conjuction with webservices: Data stored Data exchanged

12. Information can be presented on:

12.1. Javascript

12.1.1. interacts

12.1.2. dynamic displays

12.1.3. client-side scripting language

12.2. Jscript