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Business v/s web2.0 by Mind Map: Business v/s web2.0
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Business v/s web2.0

Web2.0 define:

Business trends come and go but innovation never gets out of style Web 2.0 mean everything Giving up control and setting the data free Ideas and collaboration are the fuel for innovation

Internet creativity

Web2.0 is everything

Business advantage


And organizations that can tap into and quickly leverage the collective creativity of their employees and customers have greater potential to disrupt the status quo and leapfrog the competitor.


Innovation unfold


Web 2.0 approaches create opportunities to turn traditional sales and marketing strategies on their heads

differentiate themselves, and stabilize or increase revenue.


enables business to connect with people in ways that simply weren’t possible before

Relationship with customers increase

Customer needs are recognised quickly


Harness the collective intelligence of your people

Discover and tap into specific communities of interest

Connect people to one another and to relevant information more efficiently