Business v/s web2.0

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Business v/s web2.0 by Mind Map: Business v/s web2.0

1. Web2.0 define:

1.1. Internet creativity

1.1.1. Not only about finding info, but creative usage to foster innovation

1.1.2. Simpler programming models

1.2. Web2.0 is everything

2. Business advantage

2.1. Competitors

2.2. Marketing

2.2.1. enable large companies to more efficiently and effectively market to small customer segments

2.2.2. Simplify communication with customers and employees or stakeholders

2.3. Innovation unfold

2.3.1. wikis

2.3.2. Web logs

2.3.3. Tagging

3. Economy

3.1. Web 2.0 approaches create opportunities to turn traditional sales and marketing strategies on their heads

3.2. differentiate themselves, and stabilize or increase revenue.

4. Community

4.1. enables business to connect with people in ways that simply weren’t possible before

4.2. Relationship with customers increase

4.3. Customer needs are recognised quickly

5. Collaboration

5.1. Harness the collective intelligence of your people

5.2. Discover and tap into specific communities of interest

5.3. Connect people to one another and to relevant information more efficiently