BHL Projects & Initiatives

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BHL Projects & Initiatives by Mind Map: BHL Projects & Initiatives

1. 1. Relevant Content (Chair: Bianca)

1.1. Continue to monitor BHL member scanned content for © metadata issues task

1.2. Develop a permissions plan in order to increase permissions scanning

1.3. Evaluate the “universe of biodiversity literature”

1.4. Regularly determine how much of this universe BHL contains in its collection and how much is left to go

1.5. Perform collection analysis to know what the BHL corpus contains and identify gaps

1.6. Provide collections content to support outreach activities including iTunes U and Biodiversity Library Exhibitions


1.7.1. Include more juvenile materials, and allow people to filter these out of search results if desired

1.7.2. Identify other data sources for possible ingest into BHL (i.e. JSTOR)

1.7.3. Global permissions coordination

1.7.4. Increase manual pagination for BHL content

1.7.5. Develop planning process for creating a Trusted Repository project w/in BHL for journals and taxonomic descriptions

1.7.6. Identify requirements and visual distinction for a separate module in BHL version 2.0 model for scaling up inclusion of primary source materials

2. 2. Tools & Services (Chair: William)

2.1. Implement full-text searching

2.2. Implement mirror site of BHL US/UK content = Establish BHL content hub at the Smithsonian Institution

2.3. Create a new platform to serve BHL content = BHL v 2.0

2.4. Semantic tools to open/create computable BHL data, e.g. habitat, wing length, predator, etc.

2.5. Improved sorting/filtering based on by taxon name occurrences, by date, by original description, by co-occurrence of other terms

2.6. Improve documentation for BHL staff

2.7. Improve tutorials and FAQ for the new UI to help users with questions about the BHL project and website (Public wiki)

2.8. Redo BHL's Public wiki

2.9. Move content from Citebank to BHL = 1) move manual batch 2) move OAI batch 3) consider user-contributed PDFs batch

2.10. System-based linking and harvesting (e.g. EOL) to more finally grained content = automated harvesting of sp. descriptions & nomenclatural acts (ZooBank, Rod Page)

2.11. Implement TL2 in BHL ==> TL3

2.12. Generate computable text package (i.e. for data mining by a scholarly audience) e.g. ngram viewer

2.13. Proactively integrate BHL data into other systems (OPACs, Discovery tools, aggregators like DPLA, Summon, etc.)

2.14. Begin assigning DOIs to BHL articles

2.15. Enhance data model to include author name authority files

2.16. Develop means for the discovery and tagging of illustrations in the BHL collection

2.17. Improve OCR

2.18. Integrate BHL member boutique/in-house scanned content via scalable means (= Macaw)

2.19. Identify and provide more effective deduplication tools to support BHL Central scanning

2.20. Rework Kalev algorithm to populate BHL image collection in Flickr from IA


2.21.1. Harmonize BHL family of portals (i.e. BHL-Global) as part of BHL v 2.0

2.21.2. Allow local serving of BHL data on a general user’s computer (i.e. BHL in a Box)

2.21.3. Allow common name searching

2.21.4. Add GIS component in BHL searching

2.21.5. Provide multi-lingual access

2.21.6. Generate mobile BHL presence

2.21.7. Support user-created collections and community building = implement user accounts (user log ins)

2.21.8. Enable "Safe Harbor" model, allowing users to upload their own citations and content to the BHL repository

2.21.9. increase bandwidth

2.21.10. Increase BHL information literacy / user instruction

2.21.11. "Implement global BHL synchronization of content, services, etc.

2.21.12. Work with Biblioteca Alexandrina and other interested partners to replicate global BHL app, database, and files for failover"

2.21.13. Implement Citation Reconciliation functionality in the BHL website (incl. citation parsing & deduplication)

2.21.14. Develop functionality in portal that allows for self-serve user uploads of citations

2.21.15. Develop functionality in portal that allows for self-serve user uploads of content files

2.21.16. Allow upload of community-vetted bibliographies = collection of segments

2.21.17. Allow annotation and mark-up

2.21.18. Improve automated pagination for BHL content (i.e. using algorithms)

2.21.19. Monitor global deduplication tools and processes of scanning selections

3. 3. Outreach (Chair: Grace)


3.1.1. Collaborate with citizen science groups

3.1.2. Collaborate with more educational communities

3.1.3. Create focus groups with intermediaries to identify ways to improve BHL for educational community

3.1.4. Explore K-12 science and art programming using BHL content

3.1.5. Create iBooks featuring BHL content

3.2. Collaborate with external partners and members for social media cross-promotion

3.3. Feature publicity campaigns that target large existing audiences

3.4. Showcase hot biodiversity topics with large existing followings

3.5. Engage targeted communities and the general public through Flickr tagging parties in partnership with EOL

3.6. Provide better communication between BHL and EOL

3.7. Continue to develop more iTunes U collections

3.8. Work with EOL to incorporate BHL material into educational outreach

3.9. Develop virtual exhibitions BLE exhibition focused on gBHL treasures

3.10. Develop virtual exhibitions of sub-collections of BHL Central content like those on BHL-E's BLE site:

3.11. Reconstitute Outreach Team

3.12. Maintain BHL calendar to organize outreach efforts and program activities

3.13. Interface with BHL audiences via social media

3.14. Aggregates the complete “collection” of public facing articles, scholarly papers, posters, and presentations about the BHL into an appropriate platform

3.15. Develop appropriate and tasteful marketing materials

3.16. Attend appropriate conferences to promote BHL

3.17. Produce quarterly BHL newsletters and reports

3.18. Process Gemini non-scan requests

3.19. Collect more user feedback about interface = Continue to utilize user feedback in improving the BHL experience

3.20. Exposing BHL illustrations more widely with arts & humanities communities

4. 4. Growing Partnerships (Chair: Carolyn?)

4.1. Expand BHL Central consortium membership, including government and academic institutions

4.2. Finalize new BHL Membership Bylaws & MOU to help process of growing the BHL local/global consortium & partnerships

4.3. Create manual for welcoming new Members & Affiliates

4.4. Ensure sustainability of global BHL and expand global partnerships

4.5. Nurture existing global BHL partnerships

4.6. Integrate Field Book Project into the BHL at Smithsonian Libraries

4.7. Maintain communication strategies to ensure transparency of policies, procedures, workflow, governance, and stuff


4.8.1. Partner with or build upon ideas of Mendeley

5. 5. Financial Sustainability (Chair: Martin?)


5.1.1. Increase print-on-demand opportunities for BHL content (i.e. create a bound book)

5.2. Identify targeted digitization projects that could serve as potential funding opportunities (incl. form, blurbs on donate page, etc.) (

5.3. Develop fundraising strategies = Stabilize the financial structure and outlook of BHL

5.4. Finalize a strategy for the future direction of the BHL project = Develop a BHL business plan

5.5. Develop the visionary strategic plan

5.6. Improve online donation efforts = Develop fundraising strategies in coordination with social media and outreach

5.7. Work with Eventnetwork for BHL product placement

5.8. Establish major endowment for BHL

5.9. Increase in-kind contributions from BHL members


6.1. Re-evaluate BHL's content scope and update collection development policy (

6.2. Document methodology for prioritizing content to send for scanning, see Collection Development Policy and Pan-BHL Scanning workflow documentation

6.3. Test integration of primary source materials into BHL model, ie Connecting Content uploads

6.4. Implement BHL AU-USome UI

6.5. Improve discovery of biodiversity content, i.e. continue to improve search

6.6. Close Moore gBHL project

6.7. Enable Link Outs from BHL to biodiversity content in other systems = Metadata + links (e.g. RJB, OTS)

6.8. Name-finding Improvements

6.9. Enable article access

6.10. Modify OAI interface to allow for articles information

6.11. Facilitate reuse of BHL data through data exports, APIs, OAI, and

6.12. Commit BHL value-added information files (METS, scientific names) back to Internet Archive file system, for BHL Central

6.13. Continue to assign DOIs to BHL monographs

6.14. Create standard format for BHL value-added information files for gBHL

6.15. Write a grant to pursue purposeful gaming to crowd-soure BHL metadata, OCR, etc. correction

6.16. Develop a BHL Outreach plan (incl. social networking activities) = BHL Communications Plan

6.17. Identify and Define Target Audiences for BHL Outreach, see BHL Communications Plan

6.18. Develop BHL maintenance plan to begin in 2014 should funding fall through

6.19. Move content from Citebank to BHL = 1) move manual batch 2) move OAI batch 3) consider user-contributed PDFs batch