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How business can use web 2.0 technologies by Mind Map: How business can use web 2.0 technologies
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How business can use web 2.0 technologies

To increase sales

more advertising means more sales

new web based services can lead to a massive increase in sales and most importantly profits.

To cut production costs

business can use these technologies to cut printing costs for agendas, memos, and letters

they can use them to cust communication costs incurred in making long-distance calls and video conferences

To resolve workplace conflicts

a work dispute between employees can be confronted using emails or facebook and the issue will be resolved internally. people may find it easier to talk about the problem in an email instead of having a disciplinary hearing or involving mediators as other workers can act as mediators

to improve employee relations

diversity-a business can let its employees communicate via these technos to help them get to know each other better and understand each other better,either by helping each other with work assignments via facebook or even gossiping about the boss.

since these technologies are less formal people can really get to each other no matter how the colour of their skin looks or what language they speak.

To promote business brand

these technologies makes it almost too easy and inexpensive to advertise. i mean advertising through facebook,twitter or even spam mail reaches a wider audience.

business can hold competitons via these technoloies to increase its brand

a business can form closer relationships with its customers by using web technologies to send them complementary jokes or advice

improve efficiency

voting can be done quickly without having to call a board meeting,by using skype or twitter

questionaires and research surveys can be completed easily via different web technologies

short training progammes can be offered to employees and they can be made very interesting and informative using these technologies