Copy of How businesses use web 2.0 technlogies

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Copy of How businesses use web 2.0 technlogies by Mind Map: Copy of How businesses use web 2.0 technlogies

1. to make extra profits

1.1. selling advertisements

1.1.1. eg. myspace

1.2. selling memberships to their web site

1.3. create an online store for free

1.3.1. eg. Vendio

2. collaboration

2.1. creating mindmaps to generate ideas and simultaeously editing them

2.1.1. eg. mindmeister

2.2. creating and sharing videos

2.2.1. eg. podcasts

2.3. video conferencing

2.3.1. eg. skype

3. connectivity

3.1. social networking groups where employees can communicate with management and voice their opinions

3.1.1. eg. facebook

3.2. chat rooms for customers and clients to find out what they think

3.2.1. chat

3.3. connecting with each other in the organisation using pictures, videos and text for free

3.3.1. eg. verbdate

3.4. send fax for free

3.4.1. eg. my fax

4. exposure

4.1. advertise the business

4.1.1. online video advertising eg.liverail

4.1.2. general advertising eg.bizwiki

4.2. create business cards

4.2.1. eg. business cards2

4.3. online networking

4.3.1. eg. loopthing

5. management

5.1. budgeting tools

5.1.1. eg. budgetEDGE

5.2. event planning

5.2.1. ed. purpletrail

5.3. track changes on their web site

5.3.1. eg.goingup

5.4. set and manage appointments

5.4.1. eg. YourAM

5.5. manage inventory and process paymants

5.5.1. eg.check front

6. finance

6.1. create and manage financial reports

6.1.1. eg. dimewise

6.2. invest and manage your offshore investments online

6.2.1. eg. Kapitall