4H Barrel and Pole Clinic

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4H Barrel and Pole Clinic by Mind Map: 4H Barrel and Pole Clinic

1. Stakeholders

1.1. 4H Horse Club

1.2. Julia Platt-manager/clinician

1.3. Clinic attendees

1.4. 4H Volunteers and Student Volunteers

2. Project Information

2.1. Barrel racing and pole bending clinic to be hosted by the 4H horse club

2.2. Need awards for fastest times and most improved

3. Schedule

3.1. Project Start

3.1.1. Need to secure arena use through the 4H Horse Club; Need to organize fundraising for the club

3.1.2. Need to register attendees for the clinic and get background information on participants

3.1.3. Need to order awards with fundraising money

3.2. During Project

3.2.1. Volunteers arrive early to prepare arena and concessions

3.2.2. Participants and auditors arrive and prepare for the clinic

3.2.3. Clinician makes sure that all equipment is properly in place and evaluates participants and goes through with the clinic

3.2.4. During the lunch break, volunteers will need to work the arena and sell concessions

3.2.5. After they are done with the clinic, volunteers will be needed to clean up the area and help clean up in the concession stand, as well as taking orders for their picture and video CD

4. Timeline

4.1. Needs to be before March due to saddle club schedule

4.2. Budget depends on fundraising events done and money in treasury

4.3. We have access to several resources due to the 4H Horse Club

4.4. Weather can pose a possible delay

5. Limitations

5.1. Budget

5.1.1. Need money for equipment

5.1.2. Need money for advertising

5.1.3. Need money for awards

5.2. Everything would need to be delivered by the day of the clinic-preferably set up the evening before (aside from concessions)

5.3. We need an arena that has insurance, as well as access to equipment and volunteers