Ecological levels of organization

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Ecological levels of organization by Mind Map: Ecological levels of organization

1. Biosphere

1.1. The biosphere also known as level one of the ecological levels of organization. the biosphere is where all nonliving and living thinks live.

2. Level 1

3. Level 2

3.1. Ecosystem

3.1.1. The ecosystem or the second level of organization. An ecosystem is a biological community or organisms.

4. Level 3

4.1. Biomes

4.1.1. The third level of organization is biomes. Biomes are a large naturally occurring community in a large habitat.

5. Level 4

5.1. Population

5.1.1. The lest step of ecological organization is population.Population is the amount of organisms or how many are living in a community.

6. Level 5

6.1. community

6.1.1. The fourth step of organization is community.Community is a place where all organisms live together.