How Businesses can use Web 2.0 Technologies:

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How Businesses can use Web 2.0 Technologies: by Mind Map: How Businesses can use Web 2.0 Technologies:

1. To make better, faster decisions

2. Wikis

2.1. Wikis can be used as an ideal tool for storing and sharing company knowledge and insights. Information can be added where visitors can add, delete or modify content on the site.

3. RSS

3.1. Businesses can use RSS so that their regular updates are automatically saved to be viewed later.

3.2. Do distribute corporate information

3.3. Deliver news feeds that employees can customize to see the business news of greatest relevance to their jobs

4. Blogs

4.1. Customers, employees, managers, and suppliers can publish stories, opinionsand links for the others to see.

4.2. Managers can communicate with employees and customers.

5. Social Networking

5.1. Facebook:

5.2. My Space:


5.4. These are some of the networks Businesses use to achieve objectives like: Marketing research, informing customers about new products and services, Communicating with employees, suppliers and cutomers.

6. Mashups and Widgets

6.1. By mix and matching sotware componants Something new can be made

6.2. Businesses can create more customer value

6.3. Small software programs that can be added to web pages or place on the desktop to provide additional functionality