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Rosa Ramos iPhone vs Droid by Mind Map: Rosa Ramos
iPhone vs Droid
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Rosa Ramos iPhone vs Droid



Best 3G coverage in America

5.99 oz (170 g)

Browser: WebKit-based

Screen size: 3.7" diagonal

GPS: A-GPS supports LBS / navigation with turn-by-turn driving directions

Keyboard: Layout-Qwerty

Battery life (talk time): 6.4 hours max. (384 minutes), battery removable



older Edge network, not 3G

Browser: Safari supports landscape mode, multi-touch zoom and pan, and multiple windows.

4.76 oz (135 g)

Screen size: 3.5" diagonal

GPS: A-GPS; photo, video geo-tagging

Keyboard: No

Battery life (talk time): 5 hours max. (300 minutes)