Web 2.0 for businesses

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Web 2.0 for businesses by Mind Map: Web 2.0 for businesses

1. Information

1.1. Information can be taken from a number of different places. It can also be personalized to meet the needs of a single user

1.2. Information can be shared without previous costs associated with previous technology

2. RSS (Really Simple Syndication)

2.1. RSS is a web feed used to publish frequently updated works such as blog entries, news headlines, audio, and video

2.2. Businesses could use RSS feeds to advertise their products, as they can even be sent to cell phones

3. Social marketing

3.1. Offers you an enormous edge over your other competitors and more importantly will enable to form a closer association with customers

3.2. Gives you various avenues to create social contact with clients, which you can then use to market your products

4. Interaction

4.1. Web 2.0 brings into focus the interaction of people with one another

4.2. Brings people "closer" to eachother by means of communication over the web, such as social networking

5. Marketing

5.1. Web 2.0 creates the perfect marketplace

5.2. Easy, quick, and asks for minimal or absolutely no investments

6. Advertising

6.1. The Internet is an enormous and powerful tool when trying to gain a larger audience

6.2. You don't have to hunt down your target audience