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Transport by Mind Map: Transport

1. cytoskeleton basics

1.1. 3 cyto net

1.1.1. microtubules a and B tubulin polarised motors = kinesins and dynein

1.1.2. actin

1.1.3. intermediate

2. influenza retrograde transport

2.1. dynein-mediated MT transport

3. Herpes virus retrograd transport

3.1. no endosome (so capsid and tegument is exposed to cytoplasm following entry)

3.1.1. H: dynein adheres to capsid or tegument protins VP26 and VP11/12

4. KSHV anterograde transport

4.1. BCBL-1 infects with KSHV

4.1.1. used RNAi (with lentivirus) transfected into cell line - 4 different functions KIF3A depletes kinesin-2 - KSHV transport affected But... HSV-1 uses Kinesin 1 (we can use these cell lines to see what motors viruses are using)

5. Dynein (Endosomal hijacking, or tegument/capsid

6. techniques