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Finance by Mind Map: Finance

1. jobs

1.1. is the job market saturated?

1.2. will the competition be too high to get a job?

1.2.1. outsourcing

1.2.2. globalization

1.2.3. rapid technology changes

1.2.4. graduates from better schools

2. what are things that we need to get a job in that field

2.1. good INTERNSHIPs

2.2. GPA

2.3. Networking

2.4. Communication Skills

3. Is this the right major for me?

3.1. Would I have prefered graduating in Economics or accounting rather than finance

3.2. Is Finance is too broad subject to decide what I would like to become at an early stage

4. how is the government affecting our job market

4.1. tax imposed on us is going to be progressive

4.2. will the imposition of tax be a demotivation for us to work?

5. it is broad subject- what do I want to become/do with it

5.1. work in the front office- become a trader?

5.2. Deal with the corporations expansion? analysing Cashflows, budgets, companies rate of return etc

5.3. work in operations

5.4. Analyzing the accounting reports and direct the traders to target their potential market.

6. What do I plan to do becoming a financial analyst?