26082382-Web 2.0 in Business

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26082382-Web 2.0 in Business by Mind Map: 26082382-Web 2.0 in Business

1. Social Advantages

1.1. Video sharing

1.2. Blogging

1.3. Social Networking

2. Business Advantages

2.1. Conference sharing

2.2. Live Video calling

2.3. Shared work information

2.4. Active work sharing

3. Conference Sharing

3.1. Live over the web presentations

3.2. Saves on traveling cost and traveling time

3.3. Makes valuable time more efficient

4. Live Video Calling

4.1. Direct contact enables better communication

4.2. Images and carts can be shown over the video calling during talk to simplify understanding

4.3. Gives the call a more personal and executive feel

5. Basic Background

5.1. Website created for interactivity

5.2. User centered

5.3. Facilitates interactivity

5.4. User cangeability

5.5. Created 2004

6. Shared work Information

6.1. A wiki site enables the workers to post completed work

6.2. Posted work saves time on searching for files,as everything is available to everyone

6.3. Accessibility to needed info is simple and easily accessible

7. Active Work Sharing

7.1. Allows for work to be done and shared immediately

7.2. Allows more than one person on a work file

7.3. Allows people from here and over seas collaborate their work force on a single project