Learning Environments

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Learning Environments by Mind Map: Learning Environments

1. Careful scheduling

2. One computer classroom

3. Computer Lab

4. 1:1

5. No computers


7. Personalization of instruction

8. Scheduling is key

9. Access and Equity must be considered

10. Issues of equity must be considered

11. What about students that do not come with tech?

12. Collaborative opportunities

13. Who needs it most?

14. Outcomes are so important

15. How much is too much?

16. Which programs?

17. How is lab activity connected to learning goals?

18. Security must be considered

19. Cost!

20. Can the network support it?

21. Policies must be tight.

22. Planning and organizing are important

23. Student groups

24. Hands-on learning

25. maximize student:student interaction

26. Class design is important

27. Tech standards??

28. 21st century environment?