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Smartphones and Notebooks by Mind Map: Smartphones and Notebooks
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Smartphones and Notebooks


dual core

Lenovo Upgrades ThinkPad X100e with dual core AMD chips, Yessica Payan

Intel Preps 3.6GHz Dual core i5 CPU, Yessica Payan

Nvidia's Optimus Transforms the Laptop PC


iPhone vs Droid

iPhone, AT&T, older Edge network, not 3G, 4.76 oz (135 g), Browser: Safari supports landscape mode, multi-touch zoom and pan, and multiple windows., Screen size: 3.5" diagonal, GPS: A-GPS; photo, video geo-tagging, Keyboard: No

Droid, Verizon, Best 3G coverage in America, 5.99 oz (170 g), Browser: WebKit-based, Screen size: 3.7" diagonal, GPS: A-GPS supports LBS / navigation with turn-by-turn driving directions, Keyboard: Layout-Qwerty

Blackberry Storm 2 vs. Palm Pre

Blackberry Storm 2, Pros: It has improved to have Wi-Fi, double the memory of the first version and an updated blackberry handheld software., Cons: The touch screen at the beginning let many people down due to the sluggishness and the not so comfortable "click" feel on the whole screen.

Palm Pre, Pros: It is a touch screen which allows many features such as zooming in or out with a pinching mode., Cons:It has a small screen. The inter graded camera does not record any types of videos.

Nexus One

Cons: 1. choice of coloring -- 2. no physical camera key -- 3. color balance 4. tinny loudspeaker

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